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35+ Beautiful Ladybug Pictures

Coccinellidae is also known as ladybug. This is belonged to beetle family Pierre André Latreille scientist find this in 1807. Ladybug class is Insecta. This species exists in United kingdom, Pakistan, New Zealand and South Africa. This is also known as lady fly, lady cow, lady clock  There are many species of this insect and design of every species is different to each other. Ladybug is small insect and size is 1mm to 10mm and commonly its color is red with black dots but also yellow and orange colors are exist too.
Over 5,000 species of this insect in all around the world. Body of this insect consist on eight parts i.e head, wings, legs, eyes, pronotum, antenna,abdomen,Elytra. Red body with black dots are looking beautiful in original life. Size of Coccinellidae is very tiny so this is not come into bugs group but this looks like bug. Mostly species are carnivore and eat other insects for staying alive. When Aphids attacks on fields then ladybugs help a lot farmers by eating them.
These birds have oval shape and have six legs. This also depends on their species because some has dots, strips and plain body. Three dots on one wing, three on other and one in center of red and orange species.
Hello Everyone, I am back with adorable pictures collection of Ladybug and optimist you will glad to see this effort. If you find interesting ladybug article then must take a look on other post like Eagle Pictures.


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