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25+ Beautiful Tiger Pictures

Tiger is also known as a big cat and this has largest body size from cat family. Length of body is 11 ft and weight is 670 lbs. Panthera Tigris is his scientific nameMostly these are available in large numbers in Asian continental especially in Bangladesh, Pakistan, India and China etc. His body color is orange with black stripes and light desert color of belly. Each tiger has dissimilar strips to other. There are 9 subspecies of this animal that all has different colors like white Bengal tiger with black strips, a few are completely black or in one color without any strip. They all have green and blue eyes. This is national animal of Bangladesh and India. India is the country that has a huge population of them in all around the world.

Tigers are carnivores so they hunt other animals like pig, monkeys, deer etc for meat. These mammals have different size according to species. Siberian is biggest compare with others. Male has long body and female has short in weight and height. Lifestyle of human beings is changed so now for completing his needs they cut trees and utilize them for fuel, decoration etc. After cutting trees when jungle has rare trees and this animal is not safe from the people they kill them for getting his skin. So now species are left behind in world and 3500 are still available in Bangladesh. Chinese tiger population is just 20 to 30 left.

Animal planet starts a public poll for determining “who is your favorite animal”. So 50,000 people from 73 countries contribute and tiger is winner by achieving 21% votes. Dog is on second place with 20%. Dolphins, eagle, cat, horse etc are also in opposition list. Tiger tattoos are also renowned in people they love to mark this on body. People believe this as symbol of bravery.

Below we have some fabulous tiger images and confident you will appreciate us on this article via feedback or comments and don’t forget to visit our other best articles.




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