20 Easy Nail Art Step By Step Tutorial For Beginners

The modernization has welcomed the versatile styles in every field. Along with the application of distinctive hairstyles, dresses, make-ups, shoes, bags, etc., now the advanced fashion is to decorate the nails with smart nail art designs. Currently you can make each and every pattern on your nail of your choice. It was never ever thought

25 Random Movies Quotes

In the world of entertainment, movie industry is taking high ups among the audience. Every new movie that introduces hit the new milestone. The progress and achievement of movie depends largely on the votes casted by its followers. The movie industry has launched countless movies yet. Some become famous and get to be known with

24 Marvelous Examples Of Time Lapse Photography

It is the kind of photography in which frequency is used at much lower pace. At this normal speed, time moves faster and hence lapse. Time-lapse photography is often confused with stop motion animation. But it is not similar to that one. It is all about shooting the plethora of pictures of same thing and

15+ Paranormal Pictures

It is the question mark that whether these paranormal pictures are real, fake or these are created by mankind. The world of technology has made this query clear as these pictures can be made with the use of graphic designing. The pictures now can be edited easily into the desired image. Today cellular phones have

30 Fabulous Quotes About Learning

Showered with the lessons of life, learning is actually the expansion of knowledge. The tenure of learning never ends. It is a consistent process. The more a person learns the more command he will have on others. It is the powerful weapon that one can use to bring change in the world. It is not

20 Awesome Teacher’s Day Quotes

It is said that teachers serve as the second parents of a child. They are equally responsible for the grooming of a person. A child spends almost half of his day with the institution so teachers are directed to guide the child with the best possible way. Majority of the achievements in the life of

20+ Awesome Paulo Coelho Quotes

Paulo Coelho born in 24th August, 1947 in Brazil. He is famous novelist. He went to Jesuit school to get educated. From his childhood, he wanted to become writer. His mother is housewife and father is an engineer. Paulo told his parents, he wanted to become writer, they refused and told him they wanted to see him

25+ Nice Happy Friendship Day Quotes

As many days are associated with the different events, likewise, there exist a day which is purely dedicated to the friends. This day is celebrated in the honor and respect of friends. It communicates the true essence of friend’s love for each other. Friendship day was first started to celebrate in US but now it