25+ Nice Basketball Pictures

Basket ball is second most popular sport in world. It is invented by Dr. James Naismith in 1891. In this game you need to put ball into opponent basket and you gain point. Team that has more points will win this game. Two teams play this game and both consist on five players. Players play on

20 Simple & Elegant Wedding Invitation Wording Ideas

A wedding card is actually the formal invitation for the recipient to join and attend the wedding ceremony. It acts as a privilege and honor for recipients. Not a single wedding is complete without a wedding card. In past, wedding cards were designed by hand. Bu now modern wedding cards follow the fashion trends. The

25+ Lovely Wallpapers Of Baby Goats

Baby goats look sweet and adorable to everyone. They are mostly called a kid. Goats seem pretty cute but the baby goats are the absolute cutest. A female goat is said to be a nanny or a doe while a male goat is a buck or a Billy. They usually live in mountainous regions. They

25 Stylish Sports Logo

The logo of any company is the copyright material that restricts the other companies to imitate it. It comprises of colorful schemes or simply the name of the company. It is a way to build strong relationships with the fans. The sports logo is important because it is the source of motivation for the team. It

25 All Time Famous Marilyn Monroe Quotes

Marilyn Monroe (birth name Norma Jean Mortenson) was born in June 1926 in USA. She was famous actress, singer and model. American film industries ranked her six greatest actress all time. In 1954, she married to Baseball player Joe DiMaggio and divorced after 9 months. She died due to overdose of drug in August 1962. She earned a lot

How Can Quality of Institutions be improved?

Education is definitely more than going to school. It is learning, acquisition and knowledge of skills.Early childhood education is at the intersection of socio educational professionalism and municipal political responsibility. The aim of school institutions is not only to impart knowledge but also the fact that children learn the ways how to manage transitions successfully.

Latest 2014 Hairstyles For Women

As the world is progressing, women have now become conscious especially about their hairstyles. They are of the view that no dressing will go perfect until it is complimented with a glamorous hairstyle. Hairstyle has become the important aspect of any women’s personality. In the contemporary era of 2014, women prefer to have handy haircuts.

25 Beautiful Pictures Of Spring Season

Breaking through winter and jumping into the spring is the best season which is admired by everyone. Spring season is considered to be the most beautiful and inspirational period of the whole year. When the spring approaches, everything seems to be pleasant and delightful. The flowers start to blossom with their fresh color patterns. Allah