25 Cool Quotes On Change

Change is a substantial part of life. Its existence can never be neglected. It is constant. It has to happen in every person’s life. Some people often find it difficult to cope up with change. The fact is that everyone has to change with the passage of time otherwise he becomes the past. Change quotes

25 Heart Touching Mother Teresa Quotes

Mother Teresa was born in 26 August 1910 in India. Basically she was Roman Catholic  Religious sister. Teresa was daughter of business man and her mother was house wife. Her Missionaries of Charity are exist in 133 countries with 4500 female workers. Also built houses for patients of HIV AIDS. Mother Teresa was appreciated a lot from nations

22 Encourging Uplifting Quotes

Raise of emotions or spiritual heights is known as Uplifting quotes. There are a lot of quotes that will encourage you. My favorite uplifting quote is “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve-Napoleon Hill” Famous Quotes or sayings are helpful for us to spend good life. We can find quotes

26 Fantastic Patience Quotes

Patience is the name of feeling to tolerate some thing that you don’t like without showing anger. It is derived from Latin word pati meaning endure, to bear. In the world, very few people who have patience and they are very successful. Youngsters have lack of patience. In Islam, There are the lot of rewards in

27 Best Thomas Jefferson Quotes

Thomas Jefferson was born in April 13, 1743 in Shadwell, Goochland country, Virginia. His religion was Deism. His father name is Peter Jefferson that was surveyor.  Mother name was Jane Randolph. When he was 9 years old he started to learn Latin, French and Greek language. He joined William & Mary college for mathematics and philosophy when was 16

20+ Awesome Art Quotes

Art has been a part of our life for as long as the humanity has existed. For years, people have been creating and enjoying art. It is the manner to display one’s thoughts and imaginations. It is the creation of one’s own rules to convey a message. It is a mean to express anything in

25 Nice Letting Go Quotes

It is the foremost requirement in our everyday life to ignore and let go many things to remain happy. Letting go quotes support the person to move forward neglecting the past. It is the hardest action to do but it encourages the person during his challenging times. The person has to dismiss his hard times

15+ Marvelous Sympathy Quotes

Sympathy is basically the condition In which one person supports and encourages the other person with his solace words. In our daily life, there happen a lot of situations when we feel sorrow and grievances. We often find ourselves in the jargon of serious instances. In this state, the words of sympathy mean a lot.